Chinese school protects children’s eyesight by installing bars that prevent them getting too close to their books !!!

ImageThats a Tottaly Child Abuse .. Poor Kids 😦 

Found it @ DailyMail



i Found The Smallest Shrimps !


They call it Yangshuo Li River Shrimps .. one of the famouse yangshuo dishes .. plus the snails “ekh” .. when it served … i was like (اشلون اقشره !!!!!) soooo tiney .. i took pic’s and then stared at .. ok it smells yummt but seroisly how can i peel it off ! untell the singaphorian couples next to me start eating .. (مايتقشر ينوكل بقشوره .. ذكرت خالتي لم ا اتيمع روس الربيان) .. i had my first bite and its too crunchy , salty and yummy .. what makes it tast good is the recipe they r using .. the combanation of chinese flavored sauces .